•     DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign Language)
  •     Teacher resources
  •     Spelling Grammar and written expression
  •     Dictionaries, Synonyms, and antonyms
  •     Math - Practice books
  •     Verbs conjugation
  •     Picture books
  •     Chapters books
  •     Bilingual books (Spanish-English)
  •     No fiction books (Science, Geography, History, Social studies, others)
  •     Comics
  •     And more...

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We offer workshops that aim to be an educational tool that uses cross-curricular connections through arts and entertainment as well as hands-on learning environments, enebling sensory and cognitive development. Contact us for more information.

Book Fairs
Book fairs play a great role in encouraging the reading habit among people of all age groups. There is no better way than a book fair, to expose children to current books. Contact us for your next event.